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Cargolink is a family owned company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The company was formed in 2002 to provide a more efficient approach to the container industry in both offshore and shipping.

We at Cargolink believe we offer the most comprehensive service possible to these fields, while maintaining a traditional sense of value, those of efficiency, courtesy and value for money services.

The strategic business model we follow is based on fundamental concepts we deem important. Basic elements of our model contain the following points:

Safety: Regardless of deadlines, financing or other external threat, safety is a priority. This policy extends beyond our walls to every corner of every industry our services touch. Our name is attached to every piece of equipment we certify or repair. In doing so we assure the equipment is safe for its intended application.

Customer Focus: We understand our ability to meet and exceed your needs is a critical success factor. We take a proactive approach to information management by forecasting your current and future information requirements. "Deliver on time, every time".

Total Quality Management and its principal of continuous improvement: We conform to all policies in accordance with the ISO group of standards, critical to any project. We strongly believe involvement of employees creates an atmosphere of cooperation in which we can complete any given task in a cost effective, timely manner.

Adhere to and Assess Trends in Offshore Container Regulations: Regulations are continuously improving and adjusting for new developments. We aim to keep our clients informed of material alterations to codes and the relative impact of the changes on current and future offshore container requirements.

Environmental Concerns: Today's industries must consider their environmental impact on tomorrow's. We will strive to do our part.

Cargolink is proud to support Habitat for Humanity

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